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  1. Aditi Thakor says:


    Very Warm Regards!

    I am Aditi Thakor, filmmaker, based in India. I have done my Post Graduation in Film Studies from Pune, Art Direction from Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad (MICA) and Communication Design from London, UK.

    I am a Writer, Director, Lyricist and Composer. I am also a trained Kathak Dancer, an Indian Classical dance form.

    I have been working on a Culturally oriented Feature Film Project for last two years.

    I believe that there can be no current existence without our past, culture, heritage or history and Artists are the people who narrate this culture to us by their different art forms like music, dance, drama and folk arts. They make these stories timeless. But do we have time to listen to their own stories? Their own struggles? Their dilemmas between the passion and survival?

    My story is a Fictional story of a Folk Puppeteer who is struggling practicing this dying folk art in modern city of Gujarat. This film is more of a belief than a project.

    It’s a great pleasure to share with you… that…

    FIRST time in the History of Gujarati Cinema…

    Our this Culturally Oriented Commercial Feature Film Project “Bhanvar” has been selected for Crowd Funding by Swiss Company (Fairfundr), Supported by SWISS GOVERNMENT, IBM and Stripe.

    They selected 10 projects from India and we are in TOP 3.

    The following link is on how people can see our Project and Work done and Fund in different Capacities from as small as $20 to $8000 and make contribution in our belief.

    Crowd funding is a novel concept in India though it is a popular concept in other countries. You can go on the crowd funding website as mentioned above. You can read all the details about the project and the work we have done. If you like the project you can support it by funding it from 20 Dollars i.e. approximately 1200 Rs to 8000 Dollars i.e. approximately 4,80,000 Rs. This can be paid in India or abroad using debit or credit card. The funders of Film Bhanvar get different rewards from Hand Crafted Puppet Key chains to Puppet hangings, Puppet stage and even get invitation for a private screening with Director and team. If the funds given are high, the funder’s name can also appear as Executive Producer in the Film.

    We plan to give employment to Puppeteers by getting the rewards made by the community. We also plan to keep certain percentage of Profit from the film to help this community for their upliftment.
    Please spread a word with your Friends, Family, Followers and Fans. We would really appreciate your support!!!
    Please like our Facebook page to know more about our film
    You can Follow us on our BLOG
    For more information on the project kindly check our campaign film:
    “This film is more of a belief than just a project to change an outlook that says Films are only Glamour. It is about changing the traditional system of getting Finance for a good quality Gujarati Cinema. It is about changing the mind set and it is about creating a revolution – A revolution that will be only possible by the help of the people. We started this passion and it’s the people who need to take it forward.”
    Thanks so much!


    Aditi Thakor

    (Film Maker)
    Founder and Owner
    Broken Box Filmz
    Mobile: +91-93749 86144

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